Intentional Camera Movement – Lesson Preview

member's lesson preview Mar 01, 2023
Photography teacher describing intentional camera movement.

Intentional camera movement is something that's really worth trying, especially if you want to break away from your photography routine and try a creative technique that will really force you to think outside the box.

Rather than following a moving subject with your camera (like you would for a typical "panning" shot), the idea with intentional camera movement is to purposely shift the camera on one particular axis to capture some creative interpretations of a static scene. 

In this month's lesson, Matt steers you past some common mistakes so you can jump in and start experiencing success right away! You're really going to be amazed by the results on this one, so don't miss out on the fun! 

As usual, the lesson wouldn't be complete without some Lightroom editing tips to help you adjust your fun abstract images so that they really pop! Time is ticking, so become a member and participate before it's too late! The assignment closes on March 31st. See you inside!

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