Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson is responsible for course development and coordination of the Viewfinder Mastery Online platform. He's been a full-time photography educator since 2009.

Matt worked at daily newspapers and freelanced for the Associated Press in Seattle — where he grew up. His early years as a press photographer gave him a broad foundation of skills and a widely ranging interest in the different photography genres. He does assignment work for the Keystone agency in Zurich and shoots for corporate and private clients in the Zurich area when he's not teaching.

Matt’s passions are: exploring new places, creating impactful photos and helping other photographers become more creative and effective in their craft.

Susanne Venditti

Susanne Venditti picked up her first camera 30 years ago and has never looked back. The switch to digital photography allowed her to push her creativity further and intensified her desire to produce more images. Susi grew up in Kanton Valais in Switzerland – which helps explain her fascination with nature subjects.

Macro photography is one of Susi's biggest passions and she takes pleasure photographing the details that others miss. Her enthusiasm for nature is infectious and fun and her students are also surprised to suddenly find compositions where they never would have looked before.

Susi exhibits her work at galleries regularly and enjoys teaching just as much as she loves shooting.

Erwin Windmüller

Erwin Windmüller's photography career has taken him around the globe and introduced him to many of the world’s best and brightest. After cutting his teeth as an agency photographer in Zurich, he moved on to photograph for the biggest brands in fashion, living in Paris and New York for more than 20 years before returning to his home country of Switzerland. In addition to shooting for fashion magazines and brands, Erwin is an active photographer for Swiss Universe (the 1st and business class magazine for Swiss airlines).

A powerhouse of energy and creativity, Erwin is as approachable and thoughtful as he is enthusiastic for the craft of photography.

Contributing Experts

Mike Bissig

Mike is a certified Squarespace website expert who has helped dozens of our members elegantly display their best work online. Need help launching your website? He's the guy.

Greg Hackel-Johnson

Greg's passion for filmmaking is boundless and he is a valuable member of our production team. Whether in-studio or in the field, he's the cameraman behind Viewfinder video projects.

A'ron Schmukle

A'ron is our in-house expert on Lightroom and will elevate your post-production skills. He has a wealth of knowledge to share, which is why he's called "the Lightroom Professor."