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Matt Anderson

Matt is the Lead Instructor and General Director at Viewfinder Mastery. He teaches our popular Accelerator program and helps develop dynamic new lessons for our monthly member’s lessons. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Editor for Viewfinder’s quarterly e-magazine: Through the Viewfinder. Matt has been a full-time photography educator since 2009 and considers himself the luckiest guy on Earth for having the pleasure of combining his passions for teaching and photography into a unique and creative career.

Matt’s photography journey started while studying photojournalism which led him to work as a photographer at several daily newspapers in the United States and for the Associated Press in Seattle — where he grew up. He’s very grateful for these early experiences as a press photographer which gave him a broad base of training across many interesting genres. Matt feels equally at home shooting wildlife in the African bush, landscapes in the Arctic Circle, or working with fashion models and portrait subjects in the studio. He loves it all!

When he’s not busy producing lessons for Viewfinder Mastery’s community, Matt can be found traveling and exploring with his camera across Switzerland and internationally. Working as a photography teacher gives him the wonderful freedom to pursue wide ranging subject matter and he’s always on the lookout for the next Viewfinder Mastery trip location or lesson idea.

Juleah Claar

Juleah (Leah) is the Copy Editor of Viewfinder Mastery’s quarterly e-magazine: Through the Viewfinder. Leah holds a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and a Master of Business in Project Management. She worked for 10 years in the corporate world before starting a family and always knew she wanted to pursue an artistic avenue.

Leah’s love of photography began in high school with a photography class in which she learned to develop her own film. Moving to Europe re-ignited her interest in the craft, and today she is exploring many kinds of photography to feed her creative curiosity. In 2019, she completed Viewfinder’s Advanced Photography Study.

Leah isn’t good at sitting still, and spends her weekends hiking, photographing cultural events, or taking the train into the city to continue her passion for street photography. Several Swiss tourism sites have featured her photographs on Instagram, and her work can also be found on numerous websites.


Michael Böhlen

Michael (Mike) is the Managing Editor of Viewfinder Mastery’s quarterly e-magazine: Through the Viewfinder and is also a Photography Mentor in our Accelerator program. Mike also completed Viewfinder’s Advanced Photography Study in 2018.

In terms of subject matter, Mike is drawn to remote mountain landscapes and vast lonely beaches, two of his favourite photography muses which he regularly photographs in northern Scotland. A passion for travel is what ignited his landscape photography and when he's not exploring expansive new landscapes, Mike enjoys shooting with models and working on his portrait photography portfolio in the studio.

No matter whether he’s photographing fine art nudes or capturing majestic landscapes, it’s important for Mike to capture the beauty of the moment, from a special point-of-view and to create a unique look in his work. Mike’s goal is always to create natural and authentic photos, to trigger the viewer's emotions, and to let the magic of the image speak for itself.

Jesse Cunningham

Jesse plays an important supportive role at Viewfinder Mastery by regularly contributing his thoughtful creative insights on our monthly member’s feedback sessions.

Jesse has completed a photography certificate program in Advanced Digital Imaging and has a diverse outdoor and travel resume. His interest in photography came from a desire to capture the beauty of the natural world and to document his outdoor adventures and travels.

Jesse has worked as a professional photographer since 2009 and is experienced in genres ranging from wedding and event photography, to real estate and product photos, portraiture and commercial work, outdoor sports photography and fine art landscape work as well. Jesse is also a passionate and thoughtful educator who enjoys mentoring students and sharing his knowledge.


Alexandra Keuning

Alexandra (Alex) is a Photography Mentor in Viewfinder Mastery’s Accelerator program, where she can be found encouraging and supporting other photographers who are developing their skills through the program. Alex has been a consistent and enthusiastic member of the Viewfinder community for over 9 years now, having participated in numerous photography courses and day-trips. She completed Viewfinder’s Advanced Photography Study in 2016 and continues to nourish her passion for photography regularly.

Alex knew she always wanted to work with animals, and even wanted to become a vet when she was a child. Her passion for animals has led to her unique expertise in photography. Her first pet shoot was for an end-of-life Bernese mountain dog. Making pictures that become a family’s lasting memory of their beloved pets is what led Alex to start her very own pet photography business.

One of Alex’s greatest passions is motivating others to get the best out of themselves. Her mantra is: photography is good for your health because it feeds the soul!

Victor Marcos

Victor joined the Viewfinder Mastery team in 2020 as our Designer & Layout Editor for Through the Viewfinder, our quarterly photography e-magazine. Victor’s 20+ years of experience in creating book and magazine designs, for both print and digital publishing clients, makes him a valuable contributor on the editorial team. He constantly comes up with innovative solutions on a wide range of design projects at Viewfinder Mastery.

When Victor is not in front of the computer, he enjoys spending time with his family and their beloved dog. He’s also an avid musician who enjoys composing his own music, playing his guitar and jamming with his friends whenever he gets the chance.


Nehemiah Dumaguing

Nehemiah joined the Viewfinder Mastery team in 2021, helping edit video content for our membership lessons. Nehemiah's enthusiasm for high quality content is apparent to everyone who interacts with him. His experience with videography and editing began during his school years and he has since gone on to edit professional wedding videos, interviews, and a wide variety of other filmmaking projects.

Nehemiah loves cycling, photography and going on road trips with his family and friends in his spare time. Additionally, he plays the cornet in a brass band. Nehemiah's passion for the arts and his musical talent comes through in all the editing work he does at Viewfinder Mastery.

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