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Got the Gear Needed to Take Your Photography Further?

Matt gets lots of gear questions from students and many assume they'll need to invest thousands on equipment to take their photography further. This isn't the case and most are surprised to hear how affordable his top 10 suggestions are. Here are the tools Matt suggests investing in first to help accelerate your learning so you can take your shooting to the next level.

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Viewfinder Mastery's quarterly magazine features the best work of our talented and active online members. Check out their inspiring articles and stunning images which will surely make you want to grab your camera and start telling your own story!

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Creative Exposure Cheat Sheet

Exposure is a central topic in photography and you'll never stop learning about it. In module 1 of Viewfinder Mastery's Accelerator program, we dive deeply into the topic, helping our students master the six creative exposure choices that cover every photographic situation. Download and print this clever cheat sheet as a handy reference that you can keep in your camera bag.

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