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Master the Frameworks and Strategies to Shoot Like a Pro

Master the photography skills that you need to photograph like a pro.
Plug the gaps in your technical knowledge, develop your creative instincts and practice with guidance and support.

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The Viewfinder Mastery Accelerator Elevates Your Photography Skills to the Next Level, So You Can Live up to Your Full Creative Potential & Achieve Real Results!

You love the craft of photography and want to reach further, maybe even exploring photography as a new career. But your skills and confidence aren’t there yet and gaps in your knowledge are holding you back.

At Viewfinder Mastery our specialty is turning intermediate photographers into advanced shooters. We apply a proven systematic approach that goes far beyond video lessons. We provide the unique curriculum, the dynamic exercises and the personal support that you need to master key skills and start producing the images you've been dreaming of. 

Our process starts with helping you pinpoint your creative goals and commit to a plan for achieving them because without a clear target, it’s impossible to know where and how to start making your dreams a reality. 

At Viewfinder Mastery, we’ve seen self-taught photographers hit all the same roadblocks – time and time again. Without a structured curriculum and an experienced instructor to challenge and guide you on the journey – you’re "flying blind" and it's very difficult to make meaningful progress.

This program is unlike any other learning experience. You’ll be challenged and encouraged as you take your shooting further, broadening your knowledge through our multi-discipline training. As you complete exercises and assignments, the feedback you receive from your instructor, mentors and peers will propel you forward into a new league, building your portfolio of images from one module to the next. This is THE program to be in if you're serious about finally getting REAL results!

The Accelerator Is Unlike Any Other Remote Learning Experience.

You’ll be participating alongside other students, exchanging in dialog with your instructor, mentors and peers, completing shooting exercises and getting quality feedback on your work – every step of the way.

Here’s What You Get

  • High-quality video lessons across 8 different topic modules
  • Shooting exercises to practice in-between lessons & modules
  • Individual feedback on your images from instructor and mentors
  • Weekly Q&A sessions for getting all of your questions answered
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group – only for participants
  • Certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program

Mastering the Six Creative Exposure Choices

  • Choose “Creatively Correct” Camera Settings in any Situation
  • Achieve Perfectly Exposed Shots In-Camera
  • Control Movement Effects & Depth for Maximum Creativity
  • Recognize how Tonality & Reflectance Impact Your Exposure

Implementing a Lightroom Workflow

  • Save More Time with Our Proven Adobe Lightroom Workflow
  • Make Your RAW Files “Sing” by Learning Key Colour & Contrast Adjustments
  • Learn the Most Effective Methods for Black & White Conversion
  • Understand How to Guide Your Viewers Eye by Dodging & Burning
  • Safely Backup Your Precious Images with Our Simple Backup Strategy

Seeing Like a Photographer

  • Learn How Your Lenses See
  • Develop Your Ability to Create Depth in any Scene
  • Understand and Utilize the Language of Lines
  • Strengthen Your Photos with Perspective & the Formal Art Elements
  • Achieve the “Stop & Look Effect”, Capturing the Viewer's Attention Consistently

Lighting & Photographing People

  • Direct Your Portrait Subjects with Confidence
  • Create Flattering, Beautiful Light with Your Flash – Simply & Easily
  • Making More Expressive Portraits – with More Feeling, Mood & Energy
  • Must-Know Retouching Techniques for Putting the Final Touch on Your Portraits

Photographing Fast-Action

  • Capturing Faces, Decisive Moments & Peak-Action Intensity
  • Create Sharper Action Shots Under Difficult Lighting
  • Learn Advanced Autofocus Settings
  • Understand Key Camera Settings Used by Pro Sports Shooters

Story-Telling Photography

  • Achieve Visual Consistency in Photo Stories & Photo Essays
  • Focus Your Story Around a Headline or Message
  • Caption Your Photos Creatively in Adobe Lightroom
  • Apply the “Time Life Method” for Creating Visual Variety

Photographing the Landscape

  • Background Presence & Lens Choice
  • Landscape Filters & Long Exposure Photography
  • Hyperfocal Focusing Technique – For Maximum Depth-of-Field
  • HDR Technique & Urban Blue Hour Photography
  • Astrophotography Techniques

Presenting Your Photography

  • Choosing a Platform for Your Online Portfolio
  • Self-Printing Your Work vs. Ordering From Labs
  • Assembling Your Portfolio – What’s In & What’s Out
  • Confidently Presenting Your Work in Person
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Dynamic Lessons with High-Quality Training Videos

Master the photography skills that you need to photograph like a pro.
Plug the gaps in your technical knowledge, develop your creative instincts and practice with guidance and support.


“Why” choose Viewfinder

Professional, Published Instructor with Formal Teacher's Training
Support From Your Own Program Mentor
Lifetime Membership to Our Community Platform
Weekly Live Q&A Check-Ins to Support Your Progress
Opportunity to Get Published in Through the Viewfinder
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

This Program is PERFECT for:

  • Intermediate photographers wanting to master a variety of camera skills and techniques.
  • Enthusiastic shooters, ready to push beyond their comfort zones to expand their creativity & confidence.
  • Active learners, who enjoy learning-by-doing and participating in group discussions.
  • Photographers who are ready to take action to reach their goals.
  • People who appreciate high quality lessons, engaging exercises & thoughtful feedback sessions.

This Program is NOT for:

  • Complete beginners.
  • Beginner’s who haven’t yet mastered basic camera operation.
  • Expert photographers seeking strategic business advice.
  • Photographers who want to focus on one or two specific genres.
  • Students who are in search of Photoshop software lessons.
  • People who struggle to give and receive constructive feedback.
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Student Testimonials


(2018 Graduate)

I signed up for the program to take my photography from hobbyist to professional level and came in as a frustrated photographer. The output of my work was never exactly what I had imagined. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who’s looking to advance their skills in photography. For me it took a lot of the frustrations away and I now have the confidence to take my photography to the next level. The skills that I’ve learned here are skills that I’ll take with me forever.


(2018 Graduate)

“I wasn’t looking for a day course or for a weekend workshop but rather something longer and more intensive. I also wanted to get away from constantly thinking about the technical settings on my camera. I was looking for the chance to exchange with other students. The program was intensive but really a lot of fun. The content of the course is ideal for someone who wants to take their photography to the next level. The documentation is at a very high level as well. If your quality expectations are high — this is the right course for you.”


(2016 Graduate)

I have always enjoyed taking pictures but until my path crossed that of the Viewfinder Mastery, I did not know anything about photography – technically speaking. I started by taking the Digital Photography 1-2-3 Course which I enjoyed very much. The next step for me was the Mastery program. In addition to strengthening my fundamentals, it allowed me to learn new concepts and strategies to produce stronger, more creative pictures. By the end of the program, I was comfortable shooting all kinds of photos. No doubt that the program made my year. I will continue to benefit from it in the coming years! Thank you Matt!

With Viewfinder Mastery's Accelerator Program You Will Notice Your Photography Improving Immediately. It's Time to Start Creating Images With Emotional Impact!

Advanced Photographer Accelerator

Fr. 2500

Fr. 3500

  • 4-6 lessons per module
  • Short exercises in-between lessons
  • Shooting assignments that strengthen your abilities
  • In-depth feedback on your photography
  • Regular Q&A calls with your instructors
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for participants
  • Certificate for successfully completing the program

Full Pay

$2,500 USD

$3,500 USD

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈPay in USD

2,300 CHF

3,300 CHF

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§Pay in Swiss Franc

Can't Pay in Full?

Other Payment Options Below

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CHF Payment Plan

Swiss Franc

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with your progress after participating in the first two units of the program we will refund your payment 100%. *Active participation means that you have watched all lessons, completed all assignments and been present for all course Zoom calls, etc.

What Our Students Say

Anne Zulauf

(2019 Graduate)

“As a relative photography newby, it was an exciting, challenging, fairly steep learning curve for me, in which I learned a lot about the different technical aspects of photography. This knowledge, combined with Matt's patience and creativity inspired me to pursue a dream of becoming a really good photographer telling an amazing story. The program was a wonderfully solid starting block from which to grow this dream!”


(2016 Graduate)

“My personal goal for the program was to become fast and fluent at using my camera. To be ready in any situation and to know what settings to use and what considerations were important for a perfect shot. Not only did the course meet my expectations, it even exceeded my hopes. At the end of the program I was amazed at how much I had learned and how much pride I had in my portfolio. It was a great year of hands-on learning and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who seeks the same experience.”


(2018 Graduate)

“During the program at Viewfinder I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about photography. The course was well structured and covered the main fields of photography. After participating in this program, you will know in which photography field lay your strengths and weaknesses. The teachers will take the time needed for everyone attending and helping them with their questions. Five out of five stars.”

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