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Attention Aspiring Photographers!

How To Get Pro-Level Photography Skills In As Little As A Few Months... Even If You're Stuck On The Basics of Exposure

(This Program Works for Inexperienced Photographers and Aspiring Pros Alike)

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Our Proven Accelerator Program Quickly Elevates Your Photography Skills To The Next Level, So You Can Consistently Capture Professional Quality Photos – With Total Confidence!

Did you know that there are only six different creative exposure choices that you need to master in order to create captivating professional photographs in any situation?

Mastering digital photography is a daunting process without the right curriculum, guidance and support. At Viewfinder Mastery, we’ve seen self-taught photographers hit all the same roadblocks – time and time again. Gaps in your knowledge leave you frustrated and wondering where you went wrong. 

Without a structured curriculum and an experienced instructor to challenge and guide you on the journey – your creativity quickly plateaus, leaving you with very "average" pictures that just don't get likes, comments or sales. 

At Viewfinder Mastery our specialty is turning intermediate photographers into advanced shooters. We train you systematically on the frameworks of understanding that help you recognise creative solutions and master your craft

Our unique curriculum, fun assignments and personal support quickly build your confidence and creativity, so you can start producing the stunning images that you've dreamed of making – right away.

This is unlike any other photography course. You’ll be challenged as you complete each module, shooting assignment images and receiving thoughtful feedback, so you can build your photography portfolio, broaden your technical knowledge and sharpen your creative instincts.

This is THE program to be in if you're serious about gaining confidence and capturing professional images – while having loads of fun in the process!

Our Unique Accelerator Program Will Catapult Your Photography Forward!

There is no other photography program that comes close to training you on such a broad range of skills – in such a user-friendly way. We've put EVERYTHING into this program – so that you have it ALL in one place.

Here’s What You Get

  • High-quality, engaging video instruction across 8 different modules with excellent visuals.
  • Shooting assignments and exercises to give you hands-on practice with your new skills.
  • Thoughtful, constructive feedback on assignment images from your mentors.
  • Bi-weekly Q&A sessions for getting your photography questions answered.
  • Access to an exclusive participants-only circle, for asking questions and getting support.
  • Certificate of achievement once you've successfully completed the program.

Mastering the Six Creative Exposure Choices

  • Choose “Creatively Correct” Camera Settings in any Situation
  • Achieve a Perfect Exposure Level In-Camera
  • Control Movement Effects, Capturing both razor-sharp & creatively blurred images.
  • Control Depth-of-Field for Subject-Isolation and Story-Telling Compositions.
  • Understand How Lens Choice Influences Depth-of-Field. 

Implementing a Lightroom Workflow

  • Take The Frustration Out of Editing with Our Proven Adobe Lightroom Workflow
  • Make Your RAW Files “Sing” by Learning Key Colour & Contrast Adjustments
  • Master the Most Effective Methods for Black & White Conversion
  • Understand How to Guide Your Viewers Eye with Dodging & Burning
  • Backup Your Precious Images with Our Foolproof Photo Backup Strategy

Seeing Like a Photographer

  • Learn How Your Lenses "See" And How They Impact Your Composition
  • Develop Your Ability to Create Depth in any Scene
  • Understand and Utilize the Language of Lines, POV & Balancing the Frame 
  • Strengthen Your Photos with Better Subject Placement & Use of Formal Art Elements
  • Achieve the “Stop & Look Effect”, Capturing Your Viewer's Attention Consistently

Lighting & Photographing People

  • Direct & Pose Your Portrait Subjects with Confidence
  • Create Flattering, Beautiful Light With a Minimal Flash Equipment and Zero Fuss
  • Make Expressive, Creative Portraits – with More Feeling, Mood & Energy
  • Understand How Your Lighting Position Affects Contrast, Mood and Depth
  • Must-Know Retouching Techniques to Put the Finishing Touch on Your Portraits

Photographing Fast-Action

  • Capturing The Decisive Moment & Peak-Action Of Competition
  • Create Sharper Action Shots, Even Under Difficult Lighting
  • Learn Advanced Autofocus Settings and Special Lens Settings.
  • Understand Key Camera Settings and Tactics Used by Professional Sports Shooters

Story-Telling Photography

  • Find a Photo Story Subject in Your Own Community
  • Achieve Visual Consistency in Photo Stories & Photo Essays
  • Apply the “Time Life Method” for Creating Visual Variety
  • Focus Your Story Around a Headline or Message
  • Caption Your Photos Creatively in Adobe Lightroom

Photographing the Landscape

  • Control Background Presence With Lens Choice
  • Landscape Filters & Long Exposure Photography
  • Hyperfocal Focusing Technique – For Maximum Depth-of-Field
  • HDR Technique & Urban Blue Hour Photography
  • Astrophotography Planning, Equipment & Techniques

Presenting Your Photography

  • Choosing a Platform for Your Online Portfolio
  • Printing Your Own Work & Outsourcing to Photo Labs
  • Assembling Your Portfolio – What’s In & What’s Out
  • Confidently Presenting Your Work, Online & In-Person
  • Making An Impression That Lands You Paying Clients
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Dynamic Lessons with High-Quality Training Videos

Master the photography skills that you need to start shooting like a pro.
Plug the gaps in your technical knowledge, develop your creative instincts and practice with guidance and support.

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“Why” Choose Viewfinder Mastery

Instructor Is Experienced Pro-Photographer With Formal Teacher's Training & Years Of Experience
Personal Support From Your Program Mentors Via Our Exclusive Online Community
Inspiring Group Dynamic Broadens Your Exposure To Interesting Questions, Topics & Techniques 
Bi-Weekly Live Q&A Calls to Answer Questions & Support Your Progress
Written Feedback on Your Assignment Images for Each Program Module
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back! Nothing To Lose

This Program is PERFECT for:

  • Enthusiastic beginners, ready to push beyond their comfort zones to expand their creativity & confidence.
  • Intermediate photographers wanting to master a variety of camera skills and techniques.
  • Active learners, who enjoy learning-by-doing and participating in a group setting.
  • Photographers who are ready to pick up their camera and take action to reach their goals.
  • Participants who appreciate high quality lessons, engaging exercises & thoughtful feedback.

This Program is NOT for:

  • Expert photographers seeking strategic business advice.
  • Photographers who want to focus on one or two specialised genres.
  • Students who are in search of Adobe Photoshop software lessons (we stick to Adobe Lightroom).
  • People struggling to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Students who believe that they can learn photography without taking photos.
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Meet Your Instructor

Matt Anderson got his start as a professional photographer in the early 2000's while working as a full-time photojournalist in Seattle, Washington – where he grew up.

Matt's broad base of shooting experience and diverse skills, together with his passionate style of teaching – makes him the perfect coach for aspiring photographers who are ready to achieve more success with their photography.

Matt has over 12 years of photography teaching experience and has helped numerous students launch photography careers. His encouraging approach, detailed lessons and systematic frameworks will help you achieve the creative results that you might currently think are impossible.

Student Testimonials


(2022 Graduate)

“Before enrolling in the Accelerator program I was frustrated by the inconsistent quality of my pictures and I felt that I needed a framework to approach any kind of photography situation in order to really enjoy the creative side. Matt is a really excellent teacher. His passion for photography and for teaching photography really shines through, in combination with his degree in teaching, so he explains in a really clear and good way which is easy to follow. If you really enjoy photography and are looking for a broad program to take your photography to the next level, and you're thinking about this program – really go for it because it really will help you!”


(2022 Graduate)

“In this program I could go at my own pace and take my time, which for me was very important because like many other people I have a very busy life outside of photography. We got constant feedback, not only from Matt and the program mentors, but also from other participants in the course which I found really engaging and proactive. I've learned about sports photography, people photography and I've also learned about cataloging in Adobe Lightroom as well as many new image editing techniques. I would highly recommend this course to others. I think it's a super engaging, active way to learn with lots of practical examples and I think it really will broaden your horizons.


(2022 Graduate)

“Before, I wasn't always getting the pictures that I wanted but the course has taught me to understand why and now I feel much better equipped. The online learning experience has been really great, so much better than I anticipated. I can watch the videos whenever I want, it's given me a lot of flexibility and I can watch them more than once if I wish. The course is very comprehensive and well structured and even though it's an online course, when you dial in there's a really friendly atmosphere conducive to asking lots of questions. My photography skills have greatly improved. I'm much more comfortable with my workflow, I'm much more time efficient, the tech part is more intuitive now and I'm happier with my results.”

What Our Students Say


(2022 Graduate)

“I have a full-time job, I'm a busy man, and to have the course online, rather than in a classroom setting, gave me the opportunity to learn in my own time. I could watch the videos, come back to the videos, and it gave me the opportunity to plan the assignments on my own terms.”

Anne Zulauf

(2019 Graduate)

“As a relative photography newby, it was an exciting, challenging, fairly steep learning curve for me, in which I learned a lot about the different technical aspects of photography. This knowledge, combined with Matt's patience and creativity inspired me to pursue a dream of becoming a really good photographer telling an amazing story. The program was a wonderfully solid starting block from which to grow this dream!”


(2018 Graduate)

“During the program at Viewfinder I had the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about photography. The course was well structured and covered the main fields of photography. After participating in this program, you will know in which photography field lay your strengths and weaknesses. The teachers will take the time needed for everyone attending and helping them with their questions. Five out of five stars.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee that this program will get you results, however, if you actively implement everything I teach in the course and you still aren't satisfied, then we will give you back all of your money. No questions asked. No hard feelings.

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