Flying Blind with Your Camera Settings? Need a Cheat Sheet?

Indecision is the last thing you need during a photo shoot, but until your creative exposure decisions can be made quickly and intuitively, it’s helpful to have a cheat sheet.
Download the Cheatsheet

Download Matt’s Creative Exposure Cheat Sheet and stick it in your camera bag. Students of our Accelerator program use it as a “pre-flight checklist” to ensure their cameras are 100% ready before stepping onto their shoots.

  • Quickly narrow your decision-making process by referencing the six creative exposure scenarios that you need to choose between.
  • Tech-Checklist helps avoid beginner mistakes with white balance, focus modes, metering settings and much more.
  • Easy and detailed Exposure Triangle reference, describing all aspects of the three-part relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.
Download the Cheatsheet

About Matt

Matt is the Lead Instructor and General Director at Viewfinder Mastery. He teaches our popular Accelerator program and helps develop dynamic new lessons for our monthly member’s lessons. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Editor for Viewfinder’s quarterly e-magazine: Through the Viewfinder. Matt has been a full-time photography educator since 2009 and considers himself the luckiest guy on Earth for having the pleasure of combining his passions for teaching and photography into a unique and creative career.

Matt’s photography journey started while studying photojournalism which led him to work as a photographer at several daily newspapers in the United States and for the Associated Press in Seattle — where he grew up. He’s very grateful for these early experiences as a press photographer which gave him a broad base of training across many interesting genres. Matt feels equally at home shooting wildlife in the African bush, landscapes in the Arctic Circle, or working with fashion models and portrait subjects in the studio. He loves it all!

When he’s not busy producing lessons for Viewfinder Mastery’s community, Matt can be found traveling and exploring with his camera across Switzerland and internationally. Working as a photography teacher gives him the wonderful freedom to pursue wide ranging subject matter and he’s always on the lookout for the next Viewfinder Mastery trip location or lesson idea.