Got the Gear Needed to Take Your Photography Further?

Matt gets A LOT of gear questions from students who assume they need to invest thousands in new equipment before leveling up their photography, but most are surprised to hear how affordable his suggestions are.

Download Matt's Top 10 Purchases List

To Help Our Own Accelerator Students on Their Journey to Becoming Advanced Photographers, Matt Assembled This List of His 11 Top Recommended Investments for the Photographer Who’s Ready to Take Their Shooting Much Further.

  • The one must-have lens that every photographer needs to own.
  • Software and computer gear that you can’t live without.
  • Inexpensive lighting accessories to boost portrait photography results.
  • Essential filters for capturing exceptional landscape images.
  • Camera accessories that truly broaden your creative possibilities.
  • Reading material and recommended education to propel your own skills forward.
  • And much more!
Download Matt's Top 10 Purchases List

About Matt

Matt is the Lead Instructor and General Director at Viewfinder Mastery. He teaches our popular Accelerator program and helps develop dynamic new lessons for our monthly member’s lessons. Additionally, he serves as the Chief Editor for Viewfinder’s quarterly e-magazine: Through the Viewfinder. Matt has been a full-time photography educator since 2009 and considers himself the luckiest guy on Earth for having the pleasure of combining his passions for teaching and photography into a unique and creative career.

Matt’s photography journey started while studying photojournalism which led him to work as a photographer at several daily newspapers in the United States and for the Associated Press in Seattle — where he grew up. He’s very grateful for these early experiences as a press photographer which gave him a broad base of training across many interesting genres. Matt feels equally at home shooting wildlife in the African bush, landscapes in the Arctic Circle, or working with fashion models and portrait subjects in the studio. He loves it all!

When he’s not busy producing lessons for Viewfinder Mastery’s community, Matt can be found traveling and exploring with his camera across Switzerland and internationally. Working as a photography teacher gives him the wonderful freedom to pursue wide ranging subject matter and he’s always on the lookout for the next Viewfinder Mastery trip location or lesson idea.